Sunday 11 March 2007, 14:25:00 | diversen

Bah. Something went wrong with the blog data store and I lost all the article statistics for the past year or so. That means that most articles will now show up with a read count of zero >(

Stupid me. Should have made better backups. Ah well. At least the articles themselves are still here. :-S

People have replied:


2007-04-19 00:31:00

Well, when the NSDAP was founded, they started counting at 500 to make it look better - I think you could use the same trick.

Irmen de Jong

2007-04-19 18:05:00

Either I don't get what you're trying to say, or you're making some sort of sick joke, right?

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2008-05-24 07:04:00

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