Better web app development frameworks - a screencast

Friday 03 March 2006, 16:30:00 | web dev

Others have linked and blogged about it already but I just put this up here too because I too think its rather interesting and amusing. I'm talking about the screencast movie from Sean Kelly in which he compares several web application frameworks: Java J2EE, Rails, Zope(+Plone), Django and TurboGears.

The movie is here: (its 380 megabyte and is around 30 minutes playtime).

Like Joel Spolsky writes on his blog, "Warning to J2EE programmers: After seeing this presentation, you will never want to touch J2EE again for web development."

J2EE is obviously Java 2 Enterprise. Actually Kelly limits himself to JSP's and Servlets and didn't use EJBs (why? watch the movie to find out).

(Ruby on) Rails is a web framework for the Ruby programming language. It has become quite popular and was hyped last year.

Zope+Plone is Python's take at a powerful Content Management System and Portal server.

Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.

TurboGears takes the best Python (again!) components already available and combines them into one easy-to-install, documented whole, to make web app development faster, easier and more fun.

People have replied:

Kyle Cordes —

2006-03-16 14:41:00

I enjoyed this video, but thought it strange to talk about the benefits of dynamic, fast-turnaround languages / tools as being specific to GUIs (web or otherwise). More here here:

Irmen de Jong

2006-03-16 15:59:00

Kyle, I agree with you. The video is a bit over-the-top with the J2EE example, but the point that it is trying to make is clear enough. You have to be "open" for alternative technologies or the video will work on your nerves, if you are a J2EE supporter...

Your other point is also an interesting one: the benefits of using dynamic languages with fast turnarounds are not only applicable to building web interfaces, but are also relevant for all other parts of a system. I think that the world of web applications somehow makes the demands for fast turnarounds and quick adaptations most visible. Or is it that in other parts of the software development landscape, long running projects that are always way over time and budget, are generally accepted?

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2009-07-23 10:19:00

So, it's not really *that* open source (where the development happens by/for the community). This is similar to the scheme used by Qt (in the past) / Mysql (which got them no end of ill will). Now, I don't know what the exact value proposition of this project is compared to, say, what Qt used to have, but certain discretion is advised if you are expecting a "free lunch".