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:(( Due to various reasons we had to disband our World of Warcraft raiding guild Running Wild. It's hard to see something go down that you've helped to create, and have put a lot of effort in. I've been officer since the day we formed the guild early this year, and it was a real difficult task to tell in guildchat about the decision the officers made a few days earlier:

Sadly, in the end it became impossible to pursue the guild's goals any longer.

I had a terrific time with my fellow officers, friends, and guildmates, and we accomplished quite a lot. But it has also shown me that being an officer and raid leader in a raid guild brings a bag of shit as well. I can't to do this again.

Some may criticize me for being too addicted to this game called World of Warcraft, but I can just say I had this dedication and drive to make it worthwile for myself and my fellow guildmates. I spent a lot of time on my officer duties and on playing the game. Call it a sacrifice, call me a nerd who doesn't go outside, I don't care. I know better than that.

Thank you all that made the time I devoted to Running Wild worthwhile. You know who you are.

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Irmen de Jong

2007-09-22 11:35:00

On a lighter note, I just got invited to a new guild. Let's see how that turns out ^_^