The Orange Box: ik duik onder, tot over een paar weken

Saturday 03 November 2007, 16:50:00 | games

[[image: pc_halflife_2_orange_box.jpg]]

Gister in de bus gevallen. Ik ben voorlopig niet bereikbaar ^_^

[[image: hl2ep2_1.jpg]]

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2008-01-23 16:29:00

How to break line between 2 pictures.

Irmen de Jong

2008-01-23 16:40:00


Just type one extra enter between the two pictures in your comment text, so that the two 'img' tags are separated by 1 (or more) blank lines.

If you click on 'detailed help about markup' you can read about the markup conventions that are used in Frog texts.