Snakelets+Frog survives Slashdotting... but with slight hiccups

Wednesday 07 June 2006, 11:46:00 | web dev

Cliff Wells' blog entry titled "Why the Light Has Gone Out on LAMP" was featured on Slashdot. Cliff uses Frog as his blog tool... So this is the first time -that I know of- that Snakelets+Frog had to withstand a Slashdot effect :-D

Cliff mailed me about it, to tell me two things:

  1. the server survived (only one or two timeouts) :-)
  2. there were some problems with users placing comments :-(

While it is good to know that Snakelets can withstand a moderate slashdotting, the following problems sometimes occured in the commenting system of Frog:

It seems Frog has concurrency and/or timeout issues with placing comments. These are bugs that have to be fixed. So expect a new Frog version sometime soon ;-)

update: I have found and fixed a problem in Frog related to the double-id issue. The traceback crash is still there.

People have replied:


2007-11-09 11:22:00

hi, any new version of frog now?

zhengggc —

2007-11-22 07:57:00

good news,I use frog for my blog too.