Tale (16): hints

Saturday 07 July 2012, 22:34:00 | mud / i.f.

Tale Release 0.7: what has changed?

hint system

Hint command and hint system added that can provide hints based on the current game 'state', location and custom filters if needed. The hint system also contains a recap command to remember key events of the story so far. You need to supply game state identifiers and hints yourself in your story configuration. Filling the recap messages has to be done by the story code too obviously. The demo story contains a simple use of both.

Various other small things:

Disabled text color output in unit tests, it sometimes screwed up the text output checks. Source code now uses unicode_literals for even more Python3 compatibility.

Added notify_moved on Item to act on item movement, and locking a door now actually locks it (typo fixed).