Tale (18): GUI

Sunday 16 December 2012, 19:11:00 | mud / i.f.

A big visible change this time: Tale now also has a GUI, for if you don't like the text console interface :-)

Tale Release 0.9: what has changed?


Tale's internal I/O handling has been completely rewritten. There are now "I/O adapters" that implement the actual input and output. Because of this, it had become fairly easy to create an I/O adapter that does its input and output by means of a graphical user interface, rather than text-based console.

[[image: tale_gui.png]]

There are still a couple of rough edges (no text styling, some text layout issues) but it is working quite nicely already. The dark red lines ("e", "examine rat") are user-entered commands.

Better text wrapping

Mainly for the text console interface: the text wrapping algorithm no longer gets confused by the embedded style tags in the text. It now ignores them and this means the text wrapping is no longer showing lines that are wrapped too early.

What's next?

Improve the GUI (really needs proper text formatting/styling).