Tale (19): release 1.0

Thursday 27 December 2012, 15:16:00 | mud / i.f.

Tale has reached version 1.0 :-)

Version 1.0: this means that I now think the actual framework features and API have reached a state where it should be possible to build a nice story on. That will be my main focus for the time to come: creating an actual interactive fiction to play.

There are still a lot of ideas and todo's (mentioned in the ideas.txt file in the distribution archive), but they are now more or less all "nice to have in a future version". While developing a proper story, I do expect to find problems and silly or cumbersome choices in Tale. I'll probably fix the nastiest ones immediately, but the focus now is first on creating a story with what we have.

Tale Release 1.0: what has changed?

GUI improvements

The gui now has text styling as well as a command-history. [[image: tale_gui2.png]]

Other new stuff