Two random quotes that made me grin

Thursday 12 February 2009, 11:38:00 | computers

Programmer: "This shit is bloated. I'm starting a new project that will be slim and fast"
<type type type>
<build build make>
User 1: "This is really nice and fast, but I need feature X"
<add add add>
Users 2 & 3: "I'd use it, but I really love $OTHER_PROGRAM's Y"
Programmer: "Grrr..."
<add add add>
User 4: "I've heard that Z is doing $SPIFFY, why doesn't this do that?"
<type type add add add add build>
User 5: "This is all big and slow and bloated... I'm going with N instead..."
Programmer: "Fuck you! Fuck you all motherfuckers!"


There once was an OS named Limerick
Whose kernel included a VIM-err-tick
It boot-strapped itself
and began exec-ing ELF
code that would kill the stack--errrr----ick*#%U!@!#%^%----NO CARRIER

(both from Slashdot)