Vista drama?

Wednesday 14 February 2007, 01:34:00 | computers

o_o Vista's sound drivers (directsound) geven alleen plat stereo geluid op je dure 7.1 EAX geluidskaart.

o_o Nvidia's drivers en nieuwste directX 10 kaart buggen als de ziekte onder Vista en laten zelfs gewoon je desktop vastlopen.

o_o UAC bevat een gapend security gat. (zie ook de discussie op Slashdot)

Over UAC. Het security gat dat hierboven ontdekt is is maar 1 ding wat er mis mee is. Het menselijke aspect is misschien nog wel veel belangrijker. Als de User Account Control (UAC) van Vista ook maar enigszins in de buurt komt van hoe slecht het werkt volgens sommigen op Slashdot, dan zal ik mijzelf nooit en te nimmer toestaan om op een Vista computer te werken. Dat wordt ruzie en brokstukken, geheid >( Apple's "switch" commercial over security (Quicktime filmpje) vat het erg goed samen.

Wat een drama. :(( Ik ben er hoe hanger hoe zekerder van dat als ik een nieuwe computer moet kopen, dat het een Apple wordt.

Opmerking: ik heb bovenstaande alleen van horen zeggen. Het zou kunnen, met 20.000 keer je vingers gekruist, dat het allemaal niet waar is en dat Vista best stoer is. Maar na alle verhalen die ik links en rechts hoor en lees, en mijn ervaringen met Apple en OS X, zie ik het somber in voor Vista en Microsoft. Ik lig er niet wakker van, ik ben maar al te graag bereid om voor een alternatief te kiezen.

Iemand schrijft het volgende:

There's a much, much bigger hole than any programmer could possibly exploit: The annoyance factor.

Last night, I restored my old XP partition after figuring I'd give Vista a shot for just a couple of days. You know, just to experience it myself instead of taking other people's word for what it's like.

The theme of Vista seems to be simple: Annoy the hell out of he end user. You want to run an application, is that okay? You want to copy a file, is that okay? You want to change your desktop background, is that okay? You want to copy text from IE7, is that okay? You want to delete an old text file, is that okay? You want to paste text into a form field in IE7, is that okay? The list goes on and on. Almost every action in Vista is actually compose of two separate actions: the one you want to do, and the confirmation to do it.

After getting Windows Vista installed, I took an hour or so to configure my personal settings and install a couple of applications. I had to acknowledge somewhere between 50 and 100 dialog boxes asking me if it was okay to do what I was doing. No, I'm not exaggerating.

Now, I'm a very experienced computer user, and I've worked for over a decade supporting PCs, servers, networks, and so on. Yes, I know, I could disable UAC if I want to, but that kind of defeats the point of Vista's so-called beefed up security.

Even I became so numb to clicking OK in two short days that I wouldn't think twice about it. You want to move that shortcut on your start menu, is that okay? You want to install the Pwnzjoo virus, is that okay? You want to send your bank account numbers to Nigeria, is that okay? Yes, yes, yes, dammit!

If Microsoft wants to really get serious about security, they have to get it through their heads that it's not about locking everything down and popping up prompt after prompt after prompt to the user. It's about being smart, letting the user do normal things without interference or interruption, and having the level of alerts match the danger of what's being done.

As it is, Vista cries wolf so often that when the real wolves show up, I'd be surprised if any user, newbie or guru, listens.

En iemand anders merkt op dat het verdacht veel op "clippy" lijkt, een extreem irritant dingetje waarvan we het bestaan liever vergeten.

Sounds like Clippy has been re-incarnated.

The sad thing is that I've seen Clippy like once or twice years ago, and that is what I thought this dialog reminded me of, but worse because from what I remember Clippy would start yelling at you when you did anything, and you could just tell him to go away, but now its worse because the operating system blocks and asks you to click a bozo box every time you do anything?

* smashes head on desk *

Let me be clear, I don't use MS software because it is not designed for a computer professional like myself. To be honest, I don't know who its designed for, or if its even designed at all.

The first time I heard Windows was having this UAC thing, I knew that it would suck as only Microsoft could make it suck. I knew it would annoy the hell out of the user so bad that it would do one of two things. 1) annoy them to the point that they just turn it off (I understand this is allowed in Vista) 2) annoy the user and they don't turn it off, they just bend over and take it, and the 1 out of a million clicks when your supposed to say No, you click Yes because that is what you ALWAYS HAVE TO DO TO GET ANYTHING DONE.

* smashes head on desk again *

Microsoft can't even rip off existing security models that work like the elevated priveledges in OS X. Microsoft embarasses me as a computer professional, and I don't even use their stuff, because people associate MS with computers.

Thanks for the grandparent post for sharing their experience, and thank you Apple, Linux, and Sun for making computers usable.

Oh, and I almost forgot.

Vista automatically assumes that all setup programs (application installers) should be run with administrator privileges -- and gives the user no option to let them run without elevated privileges.

Isn't this the case where 99.9% of the time YOU WANT TO BE ASKED? Didn't Microsoft invent the term "driveby install"?

* smashes head on desk again *

Wat een hel, ik hoop dat tegen de tijd dat ik vanuit mijn werk gedwongen wordt op een Vista PC te werken, Vista Service Pack 1 uitgekomen is en UAC repareert naar een werkbaar iets. Zo niet, dan sta ik niet voor de gevolgen in. *bestelt alvast familie verpakking prozac*